Sleep well, fast well

August 19, 2011

During Ramadan, the day often starts very early. It is normal to wake up at 4 am for sahur, followed by prayers. Then life goes on as usual until the break of fast at sunset, followed by prayers again. Do you think you are losing sleep during Ramadan? Here are some tips about healthy sleep patterns. Get at least five to seven hours of quality sleep daily. Quality sleep is un-fragmented, which means you sleep undisturbed. Sleep from 11 pm to 4 am, says Prof Dr Abdullah Sani Mohamed of the Ear Nose Throat Department of UKM, Medical Centre in Cheras.

Use the lunch hour to catch up on sleep if you did not get enough in the night, even if it is in a sitting position. The sleep specialist adds, “I catch 30 minutes to an hour of sleep during lunch. A nap is rejuvenating, especially when one is fasting.”

It is also important to note that sahur is best eaten in the morning not before one goes to sleep. This is because the body needs energy during the day to carry out daily tasks. Do not go back to sleep after sahur as it will cause fragmented sleep and disturb the rhythm of the body for the day.

Sleep well and get enough rest for safer balik kampung journey.

Adapted from New Straits Times, 9 Aug. 2011


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